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God is Love: Gospel Medtations (Part I)


In Santorini, Greece

In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

{John 1:1-5}


A Theological Reflection:

There was a decisive beginning to all being, all creation – seen and unseen – and every square inch of existence in all its manifold dimensions emanate from that beginning, suspended over nihil – nothingness.

The beginning, however, is not an “event” within the confines of causality, for even metaphysics is authored by this decisively transcendent beginning; a beginning that, counterintuitively, does not transcends personhood. All beings, visible and invisible, transcendent and imminent, are by virtue of Person, and subsist in this Person who is Artist, Engineer, Fashioner of all. As an artist can be ascertained by means of identifying the style that is unique to the artist in the art, so too reality points beyond itself to that grand artist, that ancient engineer, that wonderful Person who is eternally Real, True, Good, and Beauty Itself.

However, because of the current situation with being (the Fall), the mind (that is at once created by Person and grounded in Person) is darkened and unable to see the Artist, that magnificent Person who is the fashioner of our eyes.
This Person who preceded all and is the ground of all is not a solitary individual. This Person is Community as transcendent Person from eternity past: “In the beginning.” And their togetherness – Logos, God, Spirit – constitutes a real relationship, a real togetherness, which is the ground of human personhood, and all of existence.

The Person who is the wellspring of all of reality is Person with the Other, such that one cannot effectively speak of Person divorced from the eternal relationship that is this Person.

Person is Relationship; Relationship is Person – One in Totality.

Their relationship is such that their distinction as Person’s are ultimately anchored in their relational unity.

Each Person is God in their unity; together, they are God and not differentiated gods.

Being is not rooted in solitary immateriality (or materiality). Rather, the fountain of being is the eternal relationality of Person. God as God with God (with God) is God of all being, all of creation; the God who definitively revealed God’s self to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and decisively in full glory, especially on the Roman cross, in the person Jesus of Nazareth.

This Person has life as One who is Life, and is the ground of all life. Life as an abstract concept or biological term cannot capture what real Life is, though it refers back and points to it. Biological life, for example, does not originate from blind forces and random chance “alone” since God uses what appears to us as random and blind to enact His providence and purpose; its cause in time and space cannot be exhausted by the explanatory power of the natural sciences, though by it we can uncover the empirical cause in all its fullness and beauty.

Life, whether it is biological, psychological, or spiritual is birthed from the creative, intentional Person that transcends all that is created, being imminently present in all that is, for in Him all things are held together. All life is life in as far as it participates in God the Holy Trinity.

The life that is true life is (also) the true light, for He is Light itself. Light as understood by physicists is only analogous to the eternal light which illuminates the world. Humanity cannot see without this eternal light; no human being can discern order and intelligence without this light. All is dark; humanity without this light can only grasp at chaos, darkness, disordered reality.

As the light of the physicist is mysterious in nature, the grand constant that cannot be relativized, and seemingly behaves in ways that possesses paradoxical natures (particle and wave), so too the Light of the World, the light of humanity, is mysterious – ineffably so, however – and is the absolute constant that anchors all others, and really possesses two natures in one Person: Divine and human.

This light cannot be put out, cannot be conquered, and cannot be extinguished. Though the light of reason may fail us, and though the light of our biological life may be put out, never can the eternal light go extinct since it is life eternal. I may grow blind in every way, but if I possess the light of life eternal, I see, and see truly. But if I do not possess this light eternal, I am undone. I only know and can know disorder and confusion, even if I possess all my faculties. Here I am rendered into pre-creation – that is, into chaos and darkness.



Eternal Logos, I pay homage to you. You are God; God, you are with; together, you are God. And all that is, is by you, Logos – Word, Reason, Meaning, Life, Light. We are the articulation of you, Word. You are the genesis of our existence, the completion of our being. You, Holy Wisdom and Eternal Word, are the goal of all that is. You are the Light that enlightens our minds. And though I was in the dark and embodied that dark, my darkness did not quench you, nor was my dark abode any hindrance for you. I was given over to chaos, confusion, and total blindness; you delivered me, causing me to perceive the order and splendor that is; you saved me from madness and eternal darkness, Living Light, Holy Wisdom.

Blessed be You, Logos, forever and ever. Amen.

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